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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, check out the Coming Soon section of our website to see when movies will be released. Sessions times are posted on the Grand Cinemas website by Tuesday evening for the week commencing the following Thursday.

Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio by introducing two important concepts to cinema sound: audio objects and overhead speakers. Together, these completely change how soundtracks are created and heard. Dolby Atmos soundtrack brings alive the onscreen story as never before possible. The movie's sounds flow all around you to completely immerse you in the action, heightening the impact of the story and creating a powerfully moving cinema experience. Each leather seat is wider and has more legroom than a standard session giving a more luxurious feel when watching the latest blockbusters up on the big screen!

Yes we do! On every Wednesday morning outside of school holidays we have a morning session advertised as Bubs in the session times and also listed under the Movie Clubs tab. There is a special discount rate for Mums on these sessions so check out the Bubs Club page for all the details.

Yes, tickets can be booked online through our website, although this must be done at least three hours prior to the commencement of the session.

Once session times are listed on our website, tickets can be purchased from the box office in advance of the film's opening. We recommend for the most popular films, during the weekends and holidays, that you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the advertised start time or drop in during the day and purchase early.

If you look close to 15 years old our staff will ask for photo identification to check that you are old enough to view an MA 15+ film. As the Classification Board states MA15+ films are not suitable for people aged under 15 years. A person aged under 15 cannot be admitted to an MA 15+ film unless accompanied by his or her parent or an adult guardian. The requirements are not met if the parent or adult guardian buys a ticket, but does not accompany the child in the cinema for the duration of the film. Also to note an older sister or brother does not count as a parent or adult guardian.

Tickets are sold and patrons seated on a “first-in, best dressed” basis. We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before start time so you can select your favourite seat.

Absolutely! Grand Cinemas offers Adult, Child & Senior Gift Vouchers as well as 3D gift vouchers for Adults and Children. Gift Cards can also be available for purchase in amounts of $10, $20, $30, $50 and $100 and can be used at both the Box Office and the Candy Bar.

Grand Cinemas do accept Hoyts Screen Saver vouchers however we are unable to accept the plastic Gift Cards. Grand Cinemas do not accept any Greater Union/Event Cinemas gift vouchers. If in doubt please check the Terms & Conditions on your voucher which should outline which cinemas are valid for use.

Yes, Grand Cinemas accepts payments of cash, EFTPOS and credit (VISA or Mastercard) at the Box Office and Candy Bar

Yes, with four different loyalty programs Grand Cinemas has a card to suit you! Check our website to find out about the benefits of becoming a Grand Card, Platinum Card, Silver Screen or Kids Club Loyalty Card holder.

The distributor of a film will stipulate NO FREE TICKETS on selected films for a set duration. This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film. If a voucher or pass is not valid for NO FREE TICKET movies it will be stated in the conditions on the back of the pass. Check our programme for the NO FREE TICKETS schedule to ensure you will not be disappointed.

On Bargain Day Tuesday all tickets are just $13 each, or $16 for 3D films.

The length of time any film will play at Grand Cinemas is based on the amount of business the film generates, contractual obligations and time of the year. Basically, the more popular a film is with patrons, the longer it will play. There is no way to predict exactly how long a movie will play. Use our website to get information on what films will be playing up to five days in advance.

Questions about 3D

A $3 surcharge is applied to the ticket price of all tickets for all 3D sessions. See our ticket prices for current prices.

HFR stands for High Frame Rate. What this means is the film plays at 96 frames per second. 48 left eye / 48 right eye. A normal 3D film will play at 48 frames per second and have 24 frames in each eye.

The surcharge is to cover the costs of the 3D glasses that Grand Cinemas provides, and the costs of cleaning and maintaining them. There is also a massive outlay to get 3D machines into the cinemas and also for the productions of movies filmed or made into 3D so across the industry there is a $3.00 surcharge on all 3D films.

You will be able to use your Grand Cinemas 3D Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards on 3D films. Our other vouchers including Movie Money and Gift Vouchers state surcharge applies for 3D films and this simply means that there will be a $3.00 fee on each ticket.

Our 3D glasses are designed to fit easily and comfortably on any guests that are over 3 years old. We do not recommend children under 3 attend digital 3D films for this reason as they will not be able to experience the full impact of digital 3D without the glasses. A child 12 months and over attending a 3D film must pay the $3 surcharge attached to the ticket.

Of course! Our 3D glasses are designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

If you are attending a 3D film at Joondalup and Warwick there is a $1.00 fee and you can keep and reuse the glasses however at Armadale, Bunbury, Currambine and Whitfords your 3D glasses need to be returned to a staff member on your way out of the cinema.

Grand Cinemas will screen a 2D version of some 3D movies depending on availability.